HAHA, so my new story SAMSARA is up, and I’m quite pleased with the reaction so far.  I think I’ll take advantage of this post though, to clarify the title, in case any questions arise.  Samsara refers to the endless cycle of death and rebirth or reincarnation.  It’s really the opposite of the end of times,  as time never ends, it just becomes reinvented.  Now, after reading a number of “END OF THE WORLD” themed stories, I set out to write the anti-end of the world story.  Also,  we can look at it in the way that, Fiona’s father has died, but in way Fiona becomes reborn (new home, new city, new family etc.).  So the title of SAMSARA seemed to fit on a number of levels.  Anyho,  this was fun as always 🙂


New Publication

I learned about a week ago that a favourite story of mine will be published shortly at Flash Quake. The piece is called “Oil & Water” and is actually taken from a chapter of my book “Syn”.  However, I just used the skeleton of the chapter, ripped away the flesh, and added a new soul. Different characters, different plot, different theme.  I’m really psyched about this. Can’t wait 🙂

Looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day

So,  it looks like I’ll be getting my first piece of fiction published on the website Everydayfiction.  The piece is called THE NEXT ICE AGE and you can look out for it to appear on St. Patrick’s Day March 17th.  This is the fifth story I’ve submitted to this particular website, and you know what they say, fifth times a charm.  In my opinion, I find many of my past stories far superior to the one that was finally chosen to be published; nonetheless, I am grateful that someone chose to publish something of mine, and that it will be read around the world. I think I’ve learned a lesson about knowing your audience as well, as THE NEXT ICE was written with the back catalogue of Everydayfiction in mind; whereas my previous stories, as outlined by the editor’s comments, were well written, but the themes tackled were too heavy or to morally ambiguous for them to publish.  I suppose the thing to do now would be to find a magazine that tailors to those tastes.  Know any?

New Story

I’ve almost finished work on my new flash fiction story.  I haven’t got a title yet.  I don’t want to give any of the plot away,  but it’s a moody piece that requires the reader feel what’s going on.  Maybe you’ll see it online in a few months

Hello world!

Hello world.  Thank you for finding my small smatterings of prose here on the internet.  I will be posting my publications as they become available